Engineering as a Career

Engineering is a branch of science and technology that deals with the designing of technology and feasibility of applications to the human kind in the easiest possible way. Engineering is an art and science to create wonders. The word engineer is derived from the Latin word "ingeniar" or "ingenium" which literally means to devise in the sense of construct or craftsmanship. Engineering is one of the oldest and preferred streams in our education system. This has been a favored career option among students after 10+2.

Engineering offers students an opportunity to work in technical, scientific and mathematical areas in order to meet the growing demands of human needs in various fields as:

1. Agriculture Engineering 14. Industrial Engineering
2. Automobile Engineering 15. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
3. Biochemical Engineering 16. Marine Engineering
4. Biomedical Engineering 17. Mechanical Engineering
5. Biotechnology 18. Micro Electronics Engineering
6. Chemical Engineering 19. Mining Engineering
7. Civil Engineering 20. Nuclear Engineering
8. Computer Science and Information Technology 21. Ocean Engineering
9. Ceramic Engineering 22. Software Engineering
10. Electrical Engineering 23. Physics Engineering
11. Electronics & Communication Engineering 24. Printing and Media Engineering
12. Energy Engineering 25. Telecommunication Engineering
13. Environmental Engineering 26. Textile Engineering

It has been decided that a Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) for admission to the undergraduate programmes in engineering will be held from now onwards in two parts as JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced).

The revised Scheme of examination is as follow:

  • Name of the Exam is JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)
  • The name of AIEEE has been changed as JEE (Main) and IIT-JEE as JEE (Advanced)
  • JEE shall be held in two parts - JEE (Main) & JEE (Advanced)
  • All candidates shall take JEE (Main)
  • JEE (Main) shall be gateway for JEE (Advanced)