Entrance Exams

Preparing for the Entrance Exams (Engineering (JEE)/ Medical (MBBS)/ NTSE/ NSO/ KVPY):

Fundamentally, entrance exams are different from Higher Secondary Exams. There is more focus on the application of concepts in entrance exams than replication of learned facts, figures and concepts in the examination. The nature of the admission test is predominantly of objective.

Clearing an Engineering / Medical entrance exam does not require much of intelligence. However, it requires a great amount of hard work. The very design of JEE (Main & Advanced) / NEET-AIPMT & AIIMS/ NTSE, NSO and KVPY course demands the candidate to be laborious and dedicated. Since the exam pattern is objective-type, a candidate is required to answer more number of questions than a typical subjective examination, in a given time slot. On an average for each question, a candidate gets between 50 to 60 seconds to solve.

Under such circumstances, if the candidate has not practiced a good number of questions from all the concerned topics, he / she may fall short of the required cut-off in the entrance examination. Similar to a situation where when one meets a stranger, it takes time while one introduces oneself, likewise if a candidate sees a question for the first time in the examination hall, he/she is bound to take more time than prescribed and hence losing out on the chances of making through.

In our 25 years of experience of coaching, we have observed that students who solve all of our assignments, test papers and reference objective guides have maximum chance of getting through. The reason is simple, those who solve so many questions on each topic, will leave little space for exam setter to choose questions from.

A student can only solve questions when he/she is thoroughly prepared on the subject matter. Therefore, maintaining regularity in covering syllabus taught in class is the key for success. Since, the syllabus for engineering/medical entrance exams is so vast that if a student misses on being regular with the syllabus, he/she will have huge amount of pile to cover.

The question papers for the Examination shall be based on a common minimum syllabus drawn from syllabi taught in different Boards.