Test Preparation Tips for PMT :

Preparing for the Medical Entrance Exams

The experience of preparing students for medical entrance exams for the past many years has been a learning experience for us. We have observed that students who solve all of our assignments, test papers (Daily practice test, Weekly test, Corporate test, AIATS) and reference objective guides have the maximum chance of getting through. A student can only solve questions when he/she has thoroughly prepared for the subject matter. Therefore, regularity in covering syllabus taught in class is the key for success. One must also never give up, no matter however drudgery it may seem, because at the end of the day one will definitely get the result of one’s toil and efforts. Here is a list of points one must keep in mind while preparing for the grind of entrance exams, so as to remain in the best of mind and spirits.

PMT Preparation Tips:


Be Positive & Confident: This is your first step towards success. Your enthusiasm and spirit should always be upbeat. Face the challenge boldly and courageously. Fill your mind with words and thoughts which will energize you and motivate you to succeed, words like I can, I will, I am going to do ….


Stay Calm & Cool always: Examination is not only a test of your knowledge but it is also a test of your nerves. While solving the paper, be calm and patient. Your mental balance and ability to withstand stress will give you a cutting edge.


Time Management: The students should properly plan their time. Time management is a critical factor in preparation of any exam. Students should develop habit of writing as many tests as possible. Speed matters a lot. So, write tests with such a speed that you can complete the tests within stipulated time. Ensure that you complete the test in stipulated time or 5-10 minutes before and while revising the paper do not keep changing answers in hurry. Go through your answer sheet thoroughly before submitting to the invigilator.


Plan your Strategy - Professionally and Meticulously: Analyze your shortcomings and strengths to plan your strategy accordingly. Accumulate your resources and utilize them for best results. It requires strategic planning, positive attitude, hard work, careful guidance and loads of practice.


No shortcuts please / Revise your lessons well: Emphasis should be on the basics of the subject concerned. A thorough and dedicated approach is mandatory in preparing your lessons well. Tips and clues given by your teachers are always important. It is always good to get up early in the morning and give some uninterrupted time to study as the concentration level is very high at this time.


Don’t Just Shoot: Well begun is half done, so intelligently, with a cool head. Read the question properly and try to understand it. If you have understood the intricacy of the questions, then half of the job is done. Paper which starts well, ends well too. Never try such questions in which you are not sure of the right choice because there is negative marking in the examination.


Control your Excitement and anxiety: Resist yourself in displaying over excitement and anxiety. Your temperament is vital in handling the situation. Always act, never react.


Never loose your heart: If you find the question paper is not up to your expectations, do not just give away. Put all your acumen and energy to get the best out of it.


Remove psychological barriers, awaken your faith: It is for you to believe the fact that you can always make it possible to achieve. No holdups, no barriers please. Determination and hard work is the key to success.


All myths are not true: A common myth associated with Medical entrance exam is that it is very tough examination or that the questions are complex and difficult to crack. It is not true. It is just a different pattern of examination which requires different approach to understand the same subject that you have studied in school. The success lies in understanding the basic fundamentals and practicing regularly.


Prolonged sittings: Preparing for Medical entrance exams calls for a long haul of disciplined learning.


Vigilant guardians: Parents should keep an eye on their child’s studying habits and other activities as the parents play a pivotal role in their ward’s success.


Focus on main goal: The success formulae is to define your goals, then decide that how you are going to go up to achieve those goals and it is the simplest recipe to achieve any kind of goal in life. You have to discard small things for the big things.


Endless efforts: 100% effort brings 100% result. The relationship between effort and results is simple, direct and proportionate.


Balanced preparation: Relaxation also doubles productivity. Sleep cannot be your time management jump, in order to make for lost time of your waking hours do not begin to disturb your sleep cycle. This will upset your body clock. So, you cannot deprive your body the amount of relaxation time it must have.


Passion for success: Passion ignites talent and enables us to do exceptional things.


Positive thinking: Think of your mind as a fertile garden. Fill your mind with positive, uplifting and motivating thoughts and you will have abundant crop of success.


Think big: To get the goal you want in life, you need motivation. The bigger your dream, the bigger is your success. Motivation creates commitment, which in turn creates zeal to just make it happen.


Luck plays no vital part in being successful: You may think successful people became successful because they were lucky, but this is not so, luck plays no part in being successful. Successful people do not go through life hoping for a favorable break. They create their break themselves. They make their own luck and that’s what you should do.


Stay away from time-waster: One of the biggest time-waster is telephone and every time it rings it interrupts one; you stop whatever you are doing to answer the phone and before you know you are off to another direction.


Never quit half the way: Some people are in the habit of leaving jobs half finished. Quitting is a negative habit and won’t take you far in life.


Time and tides wait for none: Time waits for no one, treasure every moment you have.


Avoid phone calls: Do not receive visitor or attend phone calls during your learning and practice time.


Every battle is first won in the mind.


Motivate yourself to do best in your exams.