Preparing for the Engineering Entrance Exams :

By our learning experience in coaching industry especially engineering entrance preparation, we have analyzed that students who solve all of our assignments, test papers (Daily practice test, Weekly test, Corporate test, AIATS) as well as reference objective guides have maximum chances of getting through. A student can only solve questions when he/she has thoroughly prepared for the subject matter. Therefore, regularity in covering syllabus taught in class is the key for success also. Along with consistency, discipline, focus and maintaining self confidence till the examination day works wonders for a student.

Here is a summation of success tips that will come handy while one prepares for the exhausting entrance exams.

Cultivate a specific mental set-up:

More than anything else IIT-JEE is the test of your mental set-up. You need to cultivate some specific point if you want to crack the JEE.


You need to be a planner: Keeping in mind your strengths and weaknesses, and the time available, you should have a meticulous plan of study. Set up milestones according to months, weeks, days and hours.


Determine Yourself: You need to be a person of determination who executes the plans steadfastly and thoroughly. Remember! Making a plan and not acting upon it or procrastinating and making alibis will not take you anywhere.


Don't unnecessarily take guidance and advice from others: Figure out the bottlenecks and try to analyst and improve the situation with the help of reliable sources (Teachers, Books, Magazines and Coaching). Develop a critical bent of mind and devote your time in the most needed activities.


Don't give up your preparation: The top-ranked in JEE-2012 scored 385 out of 401 while the one at the bottom in the General Category scored about 172. So, keep trying till the last minute of the exam and success will surely be yours.


Be ready to manage surprises:


Changeable question pattern: It is not mandatory that JEE will ask questions based upon certain fixed formats only. JEE is ‘notorious’ for 'surprises'. So, chuck away all pre-conceived notions and train your mind to accept the questions in altogether new formats—not encountered previously anywhere.


Teach yourself daily: With the help of little bit of imagination and tactical thinking you would be able to solve these 'new' type problems easily.


Prepare for more Practice: In IIT-JEE, questions are asked on the application of the concepts, unlike medical where the questions asked are factual in nature. So, a student needs to practice a lot of questions so that he/ she can easily apply the inherent concepts.


Control your Excitement & Anxiety: Resist yourself in displaying over excitement and anxiety. Your temperament is vital in handling the situation.


Some cool success tips to build your career:


Stay Calm & Cool always: While solving the paper, be calm and patient. Your mental balance and ability to withstand stress will give you a cutting edge.


Be Positive and Confident: Face the challenge boldly and courageously. Fill your mind with positive, uplifting and motivating thoughts which will energize you and motivate you and you will have abundant crop of success.


Plan your strategy: Analyze your shortcomings and strengths to plan your strategy professionally and meticulously. Accumulate your resources and utilize them for best results. It requires strategic planning, positive attitude, hard work, careful guidance and loads of practice.


Time Management: Time management is a critical factor in preparation of any exam Students should develop habit of writing as many tests as possible. So, write tests with such a speed that you can complete the tests within stipulated time.


Revise your lessons well: It is always good to get up early in the morning and give some uninterrupted time to study as the concentration level is very high at this time.


Prolonged Sittings: Preparing for engineering entrance exams calls for a long haul of disciplined learning.


Focus on Main Goal: The success formula is to define your goals, then decide that how you are going to go up to achieve those goals.


Myths are not true: A common myth is that Engineering entrance exam is very tough examination or that the questions are complex and difficult to crack. It is just a different pattern of examination which requires different approach to understand the same subject that you have studied in school.


Passion for Success: Passion ignites talent and enables us to do exceptional things.


Never quit half the way: Some people are in the habit of leaving jobs half finished. Quitting is a negative habit and won’t take you far in life.


Stay away from time-waster: Do not receive visitor or attend phone calls during your learning and practice time.


Find a reason: Find your own reason that compels you to work hard. It may be getting closer to your goals or going to a fun filled vacation spot.


Regular revision: Skim through text books from time to time so that you have a grasp on the main topics and these do not fade away from your mind.


Make notes: Get in the habit of making notes. This will help in the last minute revision.


Practice sample papers: Practice past year papers thoroughly. This will give you an idea of the type of questions that are asked in an exam.


Do not cut out your social life: Take out half an hour everyday to pursue a hobby or to meet friends. This acts as a great stress buster.